Silicon Nitride Substrate
Ceramic Diesel Glow Plug
Pellet Stove Igniter
Glow Plug of Parking Heater

Haining Torbo Ceramic Products Co., Ltd.

Haining Torbo Ceramic Products Co.,LTD. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise focusing on research, production and sales for Hot-pressed silicon nitride products, which is located in Yuanhua industrial area, Haining city, Zhejiang province,China. The company has the top hot -pressed silicon nitride production lines and testing equipments as well as perfect R&D. management, sales and service team. The company has established a long-term and stable R&D cooperative relationship with The Shanghai Institute of Silicon Nitride and The University and College In Shanghai, based on the actual needs of customers, carry out the R&D and production for customized products. Silicon nitride substrate, ceramic diesel glow plug, pellet stove igniter include silicon nitride substrate, glow plug of diesel engineer, hot surface igniter,glow plug of parking heater,igniter of pellet stove & boiler,heating element of electric car, igniter of Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Device,etc.

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